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My name is MJ Turner. I am the inventor of Agility JOT. Development for Agility JOT started in January of 2007 and went live in July of 2007!!

I run a three and a half year old Brittany, Chloe! She is my first Agility dog. My mom was the first to start training Maggie, her Cairn Terrier, in Agility. We had seen competitions on Animal Planet and thought what a great sport! After I got both my Brittanys, Chloe and Hunter, from American Brittany Rescue, I decided I needed to do Agility with Chloe; Hunter is too birdy, but maybe some day he will too!

I started training and before too long I just decided I would begin to compete! Neither one of us was really ready but I thought why not?! She is still young and working on paying attention to me rather than the many smells and creatures that roam the Agility ring before and while we are running our course!

I like the sport so much I decided it would be fun to build a website where exhibitors could come to keep track of the work they are doing week in and week out at the trials. Since my business is building websites I decided I would provide this resource not only for myself but for the many Agility exhibitors who would like to be able to track and use tools to help them in this great sport.

Since starting Agility JOT Chloe and I are in Excellent A in both Jumpers and Standard. And Spring of 2009 we are traveling through the southern central states to run and promote Agility JOT. We have met many Agility exhibitors and made many friends along the way. We have even earned Qs and titles.

If you have suggestions for the Agility JOT please send me an email. I am always thinking of things to improve the site and I currently have quite a list! iPhone and smartPhone capability is here! It currently lets you see dog information and lets you update records for the current show. More features are coming!

Thanks for using Agility JOT!

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