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Tuesday, December 22, 2009 - 02:44 PM

Now it is possible to track progress toward the yearly competitions from various venues.

Agility JOT allows you to track at the touch of a button the various yearly competitions for given venues. From the  “My Dogs” page click on the “View the Yearly Events” icon and you will be presented with all the provided competitions. Your dog will show up if you have at least one qualifying leg toward the particular competition. 

These will only be tracked for events actually entered into Agility JOT and the legs earned. And based on the schedule for the various competitions Agility JOT will figure out which points and legs fall into those date ranges.

Therefore if you have legs and points tracked through the “previously qualified legs“ from the “Titles Working Toward” page then since these do not have a date associated with them there is no way to tell if they belong to a particular competition so they will not be included.

If there is a competition you want added to Agility JOT contact support.

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