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Thursday, March 11, 2010 - 10:23 PM

New feature for calculating YPS (yards per second).

The default feature is to deduct a five second count to your dogs total course time when calculating YPS. This was the case for all Standard runs. However, there are some venues that leave the table as an option to the judge to use or not to use. Therefore, Agility JOT provides a way to prevent the five second deduction when calculating YPS on your list events page and the YPS graphs.

When you enter your scores for each of your runs there will be a Yes/No option whether or not a five second deduction should be used. The default will remain the same, so if this does not effect you then nothing will be necessary to do. But if you do not want this deduction to be calculated then all you need to do it select No in the appropriate place and the YPS will be calculated for that run according to your wishes.

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