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Tuesday, September 11, 2007 - 09:35 PM

New features added to Agility JOT!

You may have already noticed but some new things have appeared. The main thing is the new Trial Calendar. You now have access to a calendar in order to enter your trials. Click on the 'Trial Calendar' link on the left-hand-side and get a calendar you can navigate to the trial date you are interested in. You can either click on a trial you have already entered or you can add a trial to a particular date. When you add a new trial you may also ask for a reminder set for a particular date. So if you want to enter a trial in Agility JOT but have not actually registered for it you can set a reminder and Agility JOT will email you on the date you requested to remind you about that particular trial.

In addition there is now a new button for adding legs. It is the multiple leg entry. By clicking on the option you can add multiple legs for a given day of a particular trial. This helps speed up the entry time for a particular trial.

Another nice feature is for those trials you need to send in an entry form by postal mail. There is a feature on the registration page for printing out the entry form for a trial with all the information about you and your dog. So all you have to do is fill out what classes you want to sign up for and then just mail it in to your trial secretary. Voila!

A score sheet has been provided for you to print out BEFORE venturing to your next trial. Once you have entered the trial and the legs you have signed up for you may print a 'Score Sheet' which gives you a place to enter all pertinent information about the trials events so you can then come back to Agility JOT online and enter those Qualifying scores you and your dog achieved.

And finally, I hope you have noticed the fun lovin' dog running across the top of the page and into (my dog's favorite) the tunnel... Perhaps the obstacle will change from time to time.

Thanks for joining Agility JOT and let us know what new features you would like to see by emailing support@agilityjot.com.

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