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Tuesday, August 25, 2009 - 10:12 PM

CPE gets auto titles!

CPE titles now take advantage of the automatic titles facility. This is for the C-ATCH and C-ATE titles. There is no title for level 5 and level C but there is a combination of these in order to achieve the C-ATCH and the C-ATE.

Now it is possible to track your runs in L5 and LC and see clearly on the "Titles Working Toward" page where you and your dog stand in achieving your next title.

For the games where they are combined you will see two plus ribbons that represent the two games respectively. So you can enter previously earned qualifying runs in the individual games. In addition, you can now track the games separately from the number of Total Qs column. They will display as two numbers separated by a slash, and you can click on that number to see those runs.

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