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Thursday, December 18, 2008 - 12:00 AM

Until now the automatically calculated titles were not displayed on the "Titles Working Toward" page. Now they are!!

For venues like USDAA you can acquire titles which are combinations of titles and Qualifying scores attained. Before now there was no way to tell how many titles and/or qualifying scores you needed to attain that next title. Now when you go to the "Titles Working Toward" page those titles which you have at least one title or leg toward it will be displayed on this page.

It will show up as a list of titles you need and/or qualifying scores you need. If it is just titles, the titles will be listed with a green check mark next to it signifying you have that title or a red check mark next to it signifying you do not have that title. For the legs it will list the class and level with a number in parentheses which is the number of legs you need and a number in front of the class-level which is the number of legs you currently have. If the number your currently have is greater than zero then it will be a link which you can click and you will be taken to the list of those legs.

You can see more detailed information about how to read the "Titles Working Toward" page by going to the FAQ.

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