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Thursday, October 30, 2008 - 02:46 PM

The long awaited CPE form is now available!

The CPE entry form does not have a standard for the format of the runs entered on the form so the CPE entry form created by Agility JOT will list the type of run and the level entered from the entries you have added. Some secretaries may want their form to be used. However, because the CPE entry form created through Agility JOT will be clearer than an hand-written form, they will probably be pleased with Agility JOT's CPE entry form.

Make sure you have all information about dog's CPE registration and dog's owner information entered so it will show up in the proper place on the form. A registration type was added to the CPE registration page so you will need to set whether your dog is registered as Regular, Veterans, Enthusiast or Specialist from that page for each dog that runs in CPE.

Email Agility JOT support for any question/concerns about the CPE Entry Form.


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