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Wednesday, July 02, 2008 - 04:37 PM

A new functionality has been added to the show judges feature!

Now in addition to being able to see judges by the month of a dogs performance, it is now possible to see all judges for a particular dog from a particular venue. So there will now be a menu of links for all the venues this particular dog has run with. As in this example:

By clicking on each venue name (AKC for this example) a list of judges will be displayed with a total count of courses run with that judge. That page will look like the following:

Then click on a judge's name and you will get a list of all courses run under that judge with any course maps which have been uploaded to the website.

So now there is a way to see all course maps for a particular judge! This can help prepare for your next trial which may be judged by a judge you have already seen and want to review!


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