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Monday, June 23, 2008 - 10:09 AM

Agility JOT is one year old!
Throughout the year (July '07 - July '08) you have helped make Agility JOT better.

Your suggestions and/or bug reports have provided the following upgrades:

  • The Trial Calendar with reminders!
  • Adding multiple runs at once!
  • Printable score sheet to take to the Trials with you!
  • Weekly Qs announced on right-hand column!
  • Printing of AKC entry forms!
  • Better calendar pop-up for date entry!
  • A way to add previously earned legs w/o all the details!
  • Auto Club selection!
  • Auto Judge selection and ranking system!
  • Graph feature to visually see your progress!
  • Video tutorials of Agility JOT features!
  • Training Tip Module!
  • ASCA now available!
  • and more...

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