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Wednesday, June 18, 2008 - 10:40 PM

The "Titles Working Toward" page got a major overhaul. There were some problems with reporting legs correctly and those have be fixed.

In addition a new feature has been added which will take care of the issue of legs and points which are earned during a particular title which can carry over to the next title. This is specifically for calculating double Qs and championship points for AKC. For instance, if you are working toward your MACH2 and you have earned 19 double Qs and 746 points and over the weekend you get 3 double Qs and 40 points! Woo-hoo!! you will then enter your scores and update your title to MACH2. You will then get a message on your computer screen which indicates you have moved up with extra double Qs and championship points. Now when you return to the "Titles Working Toward" page you will see MACH3 as the title you are "working toward" and the "previously qualified legs" column will read 2 double Qs and 36 points.

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