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Sunday, February 17, 2008 - 09:51 PM

Now you can select your judges from a list of previously entered judges! And have the ability to rate them per leg.

When you add a leg to an event you can now select a judge from a list of judges you have already had within the same venue. If the judge is not in the list then just select 'Add a Judge' and you will be presented with a box to enter the name of the judge you wish to add.

You can also rate your judge per leg, by selecting the one through five star rating provided. This tool will then help you to track judges and course maps according to your experience.

Please note! To start this system all judges currently set per leg are given the highest five star rating. So if you want to down grade that then just go into each leg and edit as appropriate.

Soon there will be a tool that will graph this information so you can see it clearly.

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