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I have set the points for a trial but they are not showing up on the "Titles Working Toward" Page.

For those venues which have qualifying points you need to enter the points in the "score" field and then you need to set the Q field to Yes. This way this particular run will be counted as a qualifying run.

How to read the 'Titles Working Toward' page for titles which are calculated automatically by Agility JOT.

If you have a line which looks like this: You are "working toward" the ATCH title. You HAVE your RS-E title and DO NOT HAVE your JS-E and GS-E titles. You HAVE 85 qualifying points in REG/S-Elite and you HAVE NO qualifying points in GAM/S-Elite and JUMP/S-Elite. And you NEED 230 qualifying points in REG/S-Elite and 120 qualifying points in GAM/S-Elite and JUMP/S-Elite.

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