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Does the program keep track of MACH points and double Qs? If so, how do I access this info.? Do I have to enter it myself?

Yes. Agility JOT tracks MACH points and double Qs. For AKC MACH points as long as you input the dogs time, standard course time and dogs placement for each trial the MACH points will be calculated automatically. If however, you know how many MACH points you have at a certain point you can also have those inputted without inputting EACH of your trials. This can be done from the 'Titles Working Toward' page. The column titled 'Previously Qualified Legs' there is an icon which you can click on which will take you to a page where you can enter the points and number of qualifying scores your dog has WITHOUT entering those legs individually. All information about the titles your dog in "working toward" can be obtained from the 'Titles Working Toward' page. From this page you can see all the courses run to date, the total qualifying runs or double qualifying runs (where appropriate), the qualifying runs required, the points achieved and the points required. To get to the 'Titles Working Toward' page go to 'My Dogs' from the left-hand-menu then click on the 'Working Titles' icon from the dog you wish to track your titles for.

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