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Can I do CPE on this?

Yes. When you add a Trail you just select CPE in the list of venues. Then when you add your Legs you will get a list of the classes for CPE. If you already have titles with CPE you will need to set them from the Titles page. To set your titles from the 'My Dogs' Page click on the 'View Titles' icon in the row for that particular dog. Then in the CPE row select the 'Set Title' icon , next select the CPE titles and finally click 'Update' at the bottom of the page.

Can I print an Entry Form?

Yes! From the Trial Entry page there is an option list of actions you can make on this trial. Click on the 'Print Entry Form' icon to bring up the entry form for this Trial with all the information for this trial entered. Make sure you have added all the legs you plan to run in so they will show up on the form. Then from the form page print the page making sure you set the printer up to print in landscape mode. In addition, you want to make sure you have updated your address information in 'My Account' -> 'Edit your information' so that address information will also show up on the form, assuming of course that you are the dog's owner. Otherwise that information will come from the owner you have defined within Agility JOT and assigned to this particular dog.

Do I have to enter all my trials in order to track my trials?

No! If you have past trials which you don't care about all the details associated with each then you can go to the "Titles Working Toward" Page and set the number of Qs, double-Qs and points a certain dog has acquired for a particular title and you will see those numbers reflected on the Page. If you are entering for a venue that calculates according to qualifying points (i.e. NADAC or ASCA) make sure you put the total of qualifying points you have in the points field. You obviously won't be able to see all the nitty-gritty details but you will be able to continue the tracking of your titles without having to painstakingly put in all that past information.

How do I take a trial off my calendar?

From the Calendar click on the Trial you wish to remove. This will take you to the screen with that trial and the options for working with it. The last icon in the options column is the 'Delete Trial' icon. Click on it and you will be prompted are you sure you want to remove this trial. Click yes, and the trial will be removed.

How do I make sure my trials are getting automatically added from Lynda Tjarks Agility Productions?

If you do not run trials with Lynda Tjarks then this does not apply to you. However, if you run trials with Lynda Tjarks it is now possible to have those trials show up on your Agility JOT account automatically. The following is what you need to do in order to activate this new feature.

  • Make sure you use the same e-mail account for both websites.
  • All dog's registration numbers and titles must match.
  • Turn on the feature in Agility JOT. In order to do this go to 'My Account' ->'Update your Account' and click the box to allow automatic trials.
There are two ways the trials get transferred over. The first way is through a purchase of trials. As long as the above is true; when you purchase, your trials will automatically show up in Agility JOT. The second way is by adding the trials you want to your shopping cart on Lynda's website. Then from the shopping cart there is a button on the top right-hand-side titled 'Send to Agility JOT'. When you click this button the trials in your shopping cart will be sent to your Agility JOT account. Voila! If you have trouble with this feature please send e-mail to Agility JOT immediately!

When I enter a qualifying leg for a trial and indicate that a title was earned, is it supposed to automatically update the information in the "titles earned" list?

No, it does not automatically update your title informaiton. You do need to add the title manually. The reason to check that a title was earned is to track the actual leg the title was earned for.

How do I add a trial secretary?

From the 'Trial Calendar' at the top of the page click on the 'Add a Secretary' icon and fill in the information for the secretary and then click save. Then this secretary will show up in your list of secretaries.

How do I update a trial secretary's information?

From the 'Trial Calendar' at the top of the page click on the 'List Secretarys' icon and click the 'Edit' icon next to the secretary you want to change. Then update their information and click 'Save'.

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