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What do I do first?

Go to 'My Dogs' from the left-hand menu. Then click on the 'Add Dog' icon and fill out the information for your dog then click the Create button at the bottom of the page. Repeat this process for all your dogs you compete with. After you enter your dogs you can then add pictures of your dogs by clicking on the photo icon in the row of the corresponding dog. The first picture you add will be set as the primary. This means that a thumbnail of your picture will be used throughout the website to designate that particular dog. If you want to change the primary to another picture just go to the photos page and click on the 'Set as Primary' link next to the picture and it will change to that picture.

What do I need to do BEFORE I start entering trials?

Before you start adding legs to your trials you will need to set the titles for your dogs. The titles can be set and reset as you need. When you set a title for a dog the list of legs available for that dog will be determined by the titles you have set. This feature is so you don't have to have ALL your legs entered into the Agility JOT database in order to start adding legs according to the titles your dog has. Let's explain this with an example. Say you already have your AKC Open Standard title and you want to be able to start entering Trials with legs in Excellent-A Standard. In order to do this you will need to start from the 'My Dogs' Page click on the 'View Titles' icon in the row for that particular dog. Then in the AKC row select the 'Set Title' icon , next select the OA title in the STD row and finally click 'Update' at the bottom of the page. Now you are ready to add legs to your trials!

Now that I have added a dog and set titles how do I enter a trial?

Click on the 'Trial Calendar' from the left-hand menu. This will take you to the Trial Calendar. Here you will see the current month's calendar with an add icon in each day. Click on the add icon for the day you want to add your trial for. Then fill in the information about that trial and click the Create button at the bottom of the page. Then you can add legs to your trials!

How do I add the runs I am entered for a trial?

Once you have entered your trial you then need to add the runs you are entered in. Go to that trial and then you will see two icons to the right of the trial. The first icon is for adding one run at a time and the second icon is for adding multiple runs at a time. If you are adding one leg at a time you will be presented with a page for enter ALL the details for that run. Then Click the Save button at the bottom. If you click on the adding multiple runs at a time then you will be presented with a page that will let you select for each day all the runs you are entered for then click the Add All Legs button at the bottom of the page.

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