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How do I make sure my trials are getting automatically added from Lynda Tjarks Agility Productions?


If you do not run trials with Lynda Tjarks then this does not apply to you. However, if you run trials with Lynda Tjarks it is now possible to have those trials show up on your Agility JOT account automatically. The following is what you need to do in order to activate this new feature.

  • Make sure you use the same e-mail account for both websites.
  • All dog's registration numbers and titles must match.
  • Turn on the feature in Agility JOT. In order to do this go to 'My Account' ->'Update your Account' and click the box to allow automatic trials.
There are two ways the trials get transferred over. The first way is through a purchase of trials. As long as the above is true; when you purchase, your trials will automatically show up in Agility JOT. The second way is by adding the trials you want to your shopping cart on Lynda's website. Then from the shopping cart there is a button on the top right-hand-side titled 'Send to Agility JOT'. When you click this button the trials in your shopping cart will be sent to your Agility JOT account. Voila! If you have trouble with this feature please send e-mail to Agility JOT immediately!

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