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Welcome to Agility JOT!

agil•i•ty n : the quality of being agile : NIMBLENESS
jot vb : set down in the form of a note

Below is a list of some of the features provided by Agility JOT!
When you register for an account you will receive 30-day FULL access to Agility JOT.
During your 30-day free access you may subscribe to Agility JOT at any time for ONLY $36 a YEAR!

  • Record Agility Trials
    Keep records of times, scores and Q's of trial results from AKC, USDAA, NADAC, ASCA, AAC, CKC, CPE and UKC. Automatically calculates yards per second and MACH points. Also keep track of information relevant to the days trial such as course maps, location, dates, weather and other trial information.
  • Search for Agility Trials
    Search for agility trials in your area and beyond. Then add them to your account with a click of a button.
  • Print Trial Entry Forms
    Once you enter trial and runs you can then print out the PDF entry form and mail it to trial Secretary.
  • Training Tool Analysis
    Analyze your trial records in order to plan training according to how dog and handler are doing with trials. Follow trends about trials entered.
  • Store pictures
    Pictures of your dog, course maps and pictures of trials may be stored on the website.
  • Mobile Access
    Update your scores for the days trial directly from your iPhone or SmartPhone while still at the trial. Also see other important information about your dog and the titles you are working toward.
  • Height Card Access
    Print Jump Height Cards with Internet connection (i.e. the closest Starbucks!). One place to store event registration information for all venues.
  • Handlers & Owners
    Keep records about owners and handlers. Pull information about what dog runs with which handler and when. In addition to other information.
  • Titling Information
    Titling for AKC, USDAA, NADAC, ASCA, AAC, CKC, CPE and UKC.
  • Agility JOT community
    Belong to a community of Agility enthusiasts where you can share information and exchange ideas and training tips.
  • And much more...
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